Leafleting Waltham Forest: Reinstate free parking for care workers. 29 Jan

Join us for a leafleting session in Walthamstow to help spread the word about our parking permit campaign and get signatures for our petition (https://chng.it/wGfdLnHFFF)! We will be meeting outside Walthamstow Central tube station at 12pm on Saturday the 29th January to hand out leaflets and talk to local residents about CaSWO and the issue of care worker parking. During the pandemic, care workers in Waltham Forest were provided with free parking permits. This allowed them to reach more clients and deliver essential support to those that require it. A few months ago, however, this was revoked. This is having a huge impact on both care workers and those they support. Carers are having to choose between delivering essential support or risking a parking fine amounting to nearly their entire daily take-home pay. CaSWO! believes it is unfair to expect care workers or those they support to pay for the parking involved in delivering essential care and are asking Waltham Forest Council to take immediate action. See less