Care and Support Workers Organise! (CaSWO!) is a group of care and support workers who are campaigning for social support services which are fit for purpose for care workers and those they support. About us >>


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  1. Social Care Workers deserve decent pay! We demand at least £15 an hour with holiday pay based on normal wages and pension parity with public sector workers.
  2. Fair Contracts for Social Care Workers! Contracts of employment, including minimum hours to be led by the needs of workers and those in receipt of care and support.
  3. Full sick pay for all Social Care Workers! Occupational sick pay for all, including full pay protection for any absence arising from COVID-19.
  4. Health & safety at work! Safe workplaces with genuine support for every aspect of workers’ health and wellbeing.
  5. Full Acknowledgement of our keyworkers rights! Care and support workers should be entitled to benefits including access to Keyworker housing and eligibility for Low Cost Home Ownership Schemes.
  6. Trade Union recognition for all care and support workers! Trade union access to all social care workplaces and the right to full union recognition.
  7. Sectoral collective bargaining rights for care and support workers! Mandatory sectoral collective bargaining relevant to all governmental and devolved jurisdictions across the UK.
  8. Democratising Social Care! Social Care to be brought into democratic public ownership, guided by co-production of workers, disabled people and those in receipt of support.