Petition to reinstate free parking for care workers in Waltham Forest

4 February 2022

Care and Support Workers Organise (CaSWO!) and supporters of the campaign, from East London Unite Community Branch and the local Labour Party, took to the streets to speak to the local community about the campaign and the effects of the councils decision to revoke free parking has had on local care workers. 

During the pandemic, care workers in Waltham Forest were provided with free parking permits. This allowed them to reach more clients and deliver essential support to those that required it. A few months ago, however, this was revoked. 

This is having a huge impact on both care workers and those they support. Care workers have reported having to choose between delivering essential support or risking a parking fine amounting to nearly their entire daily take-home pay. 

When CaSWO! raised the issue with Waltham Forest Council, they were told carers should buy an all-zone parking permit costing £63 for 30 cards, which amounts to 30 visits. For a carer visiting 12 clients a day, this £63 parking permit would last less than three days. 

This is an outrageous response from the  local authority and CaSWO will continue to ramp up the pressure in East London until the council backtracks and reinstates free parking permits! 

Please sign and share our petition and if you live locally in Waltham Forest and feel like you can help further the campaign please do get in touch! We have over 2500 signatures already! 

Petition update · CaSWO! out and about in Waltham Forest ·

Special shout out to all those who helped out – Jenny, Susan, Julia, Sam, Stella, Ali, Laura, Cecile, Mick and Billie